Our survey team consist of a group of specialized individuals, delivering high quality work, all working together on each project to ensure all deliverables suits our clients’ needs.

  • Qualified Surveyors
  • Licensed and Registered Remote Pilots (ROC HOLDER-CAASA)
  • Licensed Skippers


Surface Surveying

  • Monitoring / Subsidiary / Precise monitoring
  • Volumetric
  • Stake-outs and set-outs
  • Topography
  • Beacon establishments
  • Geodetic Static Surveys –Rtx reporting

Laser Scanning

  • Scanning of any structure or feature with millimeter spacing and accuracy
  • All scans' overlays with HD imagery
  • Structure/feature represented in 3D in the comfort of your office
  • Endless possibilities

Photogrammetry and Lidar

  • Aerial Mapping of any surface area
  • Area size is not a limitation for us as we completed large projects
  • With the models generated we have an interactive 3D representation of all features within the surveyed area
  • All models generated within survey tolerances

Civil & Engineering Survey
(Robotic Systems)

We are committed and actively involved with every stage of the project from start to finish. This includes:

  • All ground works, setting out of all structures, columns, bases etc.
  • Pre- and post-construction reporting
  • All civil surveying done with high precision and accuracy <3mm
  • Precise levelling

Aerial Videography and Photography

  • We offer 4K high quality videos capturing stunning footage according to our clients’ requirements
  • This is possible using our fleet of DJI drones and fixed wing aircraft
  • We offer high resolution imagery and mosaic prints suited to our clients’ needs

Gyro Surveying

  • Surface Calibrations
  • Underground and surface gyroscopic surveys
  • Gyro calculations and reports

CAD Draughting

  • Submissions to DMRE
  • All submissions according to the MHSA regulations
  • All plans complimented with high quality mosaic photos
  • All plans compiled in a 2D/3D environment for different views and perspectives
  • 3D animation


  • Est. 2012
  • 14 years as industry leaders in survey
  • Specialized technology
  • Operating worldwide
  • 1000+ flight hours
  • REPL Holder


  • Safety
  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Accuracy
  • Professionalism


  • We understand that surveying is critical and foundational to the success of any project.
  • We work to ensure that we provide the utmost care, service, and collaboration throughout the process.
  • We are equipped with latest equipment for both our office & for the field, enabling us to provide quality and accurate service to our clients
  • All our professional surveyors are passionate about developing innovative processes and new technologies that help our clients and always strive towards the company values.

Document Control

  • All Measurements plans reports, and data are filed and stored ,not only onsite but our head office server.
  • All documentation is readily available in hard copies and soft copies

How we ensure deadlines are me

  • All of our clients get top priority, therefore a dedicated surveyor would be assigned to meet your every need.
  • Adequate backup and support is always readily available to equip the surveyor to perform his tasks.
  • Reliable, top of the range equipment are used, from start to finish, to give the client quick and accurate results.
  • Latest technology in equipment and software are at the surveyor's disposal that allow him to work quickly and effectively.
  • Due diligence and comprehensive planning, to execute tasks and meet deadlines, are always at the top of our list.

How we improve surface survey services

  • Technology
    • We are using advance aerial survey technology to improve data capturing
  • Software
    • We are using the latest point cloud software that enables us to deliver services timelier and more accurately
  • Computer capabilities
    • Meets the capability of fast processing of data capture and quick outputs
  • Surveyor Skills
    • All our surveyors are qualified experienced and competent in the latest technology


Leica P40 scanner (Calibrated)

  • Using Leica “when it has to be right”.
  • Burns HD quality photos onto the scan data creating real life colours in the virtual scan.
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Takes only 45 seconds for a 360° scan
  • 6,3mm spacing at a distance of 120m
  • Able to deliver scanned project with mm accuracy

Trimble RTK GPS (No calibration needed)

  • All GPSes are equipped to use GLONASS satellites
  • NTRIP system at our disposal, meaning less set-up time
  • All GPS surveys have an accuracy of 20mm or less
  • Latest Trimble Models at our disposal like the R2, R4, R4s, R8 and R8s

DJI Drones

  • Quality cameras and 4k resolution video for high quality footage
  • Efficient flight times to do proper Aerial survey
  • Able to withstand 24km/h wind and cover any terrain while avoiding obstacles
  • All drones come equipped with GPS/GLONASS for better positioning and georeferenced footage
  • With sufficient equipment we are able to cover large areas. Completing large projects in shorter times

Wild Gyro Theodolite (Calibrated)

  • Accuracy : 000-00”-30’
  • Using for obtaining correct bearing
  • Adjustments for check surveys corrections

Leica Sprinter 250 Precise Level (Calibrated)

  • Accurate 1.5mm at 1000m(1km)
  • Using for Precise Levelling
  • Using for Subsidence monitoring


  • Model Maker: Industry standard software with multiple applications. Volume calculations, progressive volume calculations, generating sections, 3D modelling, position deviations, layouts and planning. To name a few functions.
  • MicroStation: Industry standard software used for the generation of any plans, mine planning and 3D modelling
  • Photoshop: Photo editing for high quality, detailed photo prints . Fully customizable layout for each clients needs
  • Pix4D Photogrammetry Software: World leader in photogrammetry software. Deliverable outputs include: DTM points, contours, georeferenced image, xyz .text. Able to do volume calculations, determine areas, take measurements
  • Leica Cyclone: Comprehensive software with endless functions, using most data sets. Some functions include eliminating vegetation, indicating over- and under break, generating mesh models, generating contours, volume calculation, detect moving points etc. Able to handle large point cloud data sets.