Mine Design & Scheduling:

All underground mine designs and schedules are completed using three-dimensional mine planning packages such as Mine2-4D, Datamine’s Studio, Mineable Resource Optimization (MRO), Production Scheduler and Cadsmine. We are able to create trade off designs and update designs and schedules more accurately, incorporating all necessary mining and engineering practicalities.

Resource Optimization:

ABGM optimize underground mineable resources prior to completing full three-dimensional designs utilizing Mineable Shape Optimizer (MSO) software. Based on mining parameters and targets, we are able to provide mines with sensitivity analyses and pre-designed economic mining envelopes together with their sequence that will ensure the highest economic value. (All our work is clearly documented and in full three-dimensional formats.)  
ABGM is renowned for its speedy yet high quality results and technical proficiency.

Resource to Reserve:

Resource to Reserve conversions forms a vital part of a mine’s Feasibility statement. We have the technical skills and experience in Resource to Reserve conversions.

Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies:

We undertake Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for extensions of existing underground operations and for the evaluation of newly proposed underground mines. We provide the technical and project management skills to service the required scopes of these projects.

Trade off studies:

The requirements for any successful pre-feasibility study (if not carried out prior to the study) include the evaluation of various mining methods in order to determine the most practical, achievable and profitable option. We have the experience and capability to provide both small and large mine property trade off studies.

Process Modeling:

Operational process and mineral resource management (MRM) process modeling using IDEF0 Techniques is a service offered by our consultancy. Our process models assist in integration of technical MRM departments and systems.